VTemulation.net is no longer actively maintained and the forums are disabled,
please see the announcement for more information.
Welcome VTemulation.net is a gaming community providing coverage of homebrew and commercial
video game console emulation. We provide in-depth coverage on most aspects of emulation and related materials. We work to provide a place where anyone can discover, explore, and enjoy emulation to it's fullest.
Hi everyone,

Due to a security exploit, VTemulation.net's forum had to be taken offline. Due to a lack of activity, I don't see a purpose in re-enabling it and going through the process of converting our theme to a new version of the software. Unfortunately the forum also controls content on the homepage, so as you can see news posts are no longer available.

Over the last few years the site has seen very few updates and that's something that I take full responsibility for. Other projects and real life have really been taking up the bulk of my free time as of late and I've had very little to dedicate to VTemulation.net. My waning interest in emulation and maintaining a dying breed of site has also contributed to this current predicament.

After a lot of thought I can say for certain that VTemulation.net can't continue in it's current form. I would like to find a way to make VTemulation.net a sustainable site that will be useful in the future but I haven't come to any conclusions about how that can happen. For now I will continue to keep VTemulation.net online for anyone who continues to find its content useful. Please be aware that many of the emulators are out of date, I would strongly recommend downloading any emulators directly from their respective project pages instead.

At some point in the near future I will update this notice with a list of other emulation sites that you may find of interest. Any future updates regarding VTemulation.net will also be provided here. Please feel free to contact me using the Contact Form if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

- Vincent T. Vantine