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About Us
VTemulation.net's history and mission statement.
Our Goals:

VTemulation.net was founded on three primary principals; providing quality content and coverage, promoting legitimate emulation to its fullest, and developing a community that all would be welcome in. Providing quality content is our highest concern. We are here to provide as much quality coverage for as many emulators as we can and we refuse to provide needless filler content. Promoting legitimate emulation is our second goal, we are here to help the authors that help so many other people preserve the games they love in a format that will not age with time, we are not here to help those who were only interested in emulation when they learned they could "get free games" on their PCs. Finally, we aim to build a community where everyone is welcome and where anyone may voice their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Without community, the emulation scene as we know it would not exist.

Our History:

VTemulation.net officially came into existence on May 18, 2001, as the VT Emulation Network. The site got off to a slow start and hit many bumps in the road. Despite the obstacles, we continued to develop and improve the site. VTemulation.net went through a total of three different designs during this time. On 8/7/2009, the fourth version of our site launched after a long hiatus, that is the site you see before you. Along with a fresh new design and revamped content, a new name was also applied. The VT Emulation Network was officially renamed to VTemulation.net at the launch of the site. VTemulation.net has been fortunate to hit the milestone of five years of serving the emulation community, and we hope to continue for many more.

Our Views on Uses of Emulation:

It is an unfortunate reality that some individuals have chosen to use emulation as a method to facilitate piracy. This is a use that we don't support and we discourage in every way, shape and form. It's important to understand that the long-term effects of this type of use will hurt both the gaming and in turn, the emulation communities severely. Developers will not be encouraged to build the games we all know and love and publishers will be reluctant to fund future releases.

With that aside, what we feel is the primary use for emulation is to preserve the games that we are so fond of and the memories that go with them. Emulation offers us a chance to save our collections indefinitely instead of just sitting back and watching them diminish over time due to failing hardware and abandoned standards. Emulation allows these games to be placed in a truly timeless format, one that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Our Future:

I am optimistic that the emulation community will continue to grow on both the "home brew" front as it has and also on the newly-found commercial front on many of today's consoles. I look forward to covering the community as it continues to evolve and as always, I will continue to provide the best experience possible for our readers.

Welcome to VTemulation.net! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Vincent T. Vantine
Founder, VTemulation.net