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Kega Fusion
A Sega Multi-Console emulator for Windows reviewed on 8/7/2009 by Vincent T. Vantine.
"Kega Fusion is considered by many to be the premiere Sega console emulator, supporting all of Sega's mainstream consoles with the exception of the Dreamcast and Saturn."

Kega Fusion is an emulator that has existed for many years under several different names, beginning with KGen going all the way back to 1997. Although it started as a Genesis emulator, it quickly evolved into much more and with a focus on accuracy, became well known for running games that others couldn't. Today, Kega Fusion supports every mainstream Sega console with the exception of the Saturn and Dreamcast.

The first thing any user will see will of course be Kega Fusion's UI. It can be described as utilitarian and somewhat reminiscent of Gens' UI. Virtually all options are contained within a logically arranged menu bar in Windowed mode and a context menu with the same options in full-screen mode. The remaining options such as paths and gamepad configuration can be found in a single tabbed dialogue from the options menu. The downside to this type of UI is some newer users may find the wide range of available options daunting and it does not facilitate use in environments with alternate input methods, such as Home Theater PCs. In short, the UI does it what it needs to and does it adequately but at some point in the future, a more user-friendly UI would be a welcome change.

As with most 16/32bit and under emulators, Kega Fusion is capable of running on relatively modest hardware. Most late-generation Pentium III computers and virtually all Windows XP-era and beyond computers will easily run Kega Fusion at full speed. This makes Kega Fusion ideal to run on systems with more limited resources where traditional gaming may not be an option, such as on lower end notebooks and netbook computers.

Compatibility and accuracy is one of the best attributes of Kega Fusion. Kega Fusion's compatibility on the Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, Game Gear and Master System is extremely high. An example of the would be the 32X in particular, every 32X title ever made is accurately emulated - even the very few and illusive "32X CD" games. As an added plus for the 32X fans (if any exist), Kega Fusion fully emulates the 32X BIOS eliminating the need for an original 32X BIOS ROM.

Kega's audio support is excellent, providing the most accurate emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 seen in any Genesis emulator. Kega Fusion also has the option to apply a filter to the audio which can take the edge off some of the Genesis' shrill sound effects. All of the common video options such as full screen, Vsync, scaling and rendering filters are available, as would be expected on any emulator of this class.

Common features such as cheat device support, save states, audio capture, gamepad support, etc. are all present as expected. Kega Fusion also supports netplay to allow gamers to play multi-player games over the internet or a local network. Another nice feature that has been added is video capture support. Kega Fusion can capture lossless gameplay video using it's built-in codec.

Over the years, it is undeniable that Kega Fusion has progressed very far and by many is considered the premiere Sega console emulator. We look forward to seeing what future development brings to this very mature and compatible emulator.


Kega Fusion's compatibility among the consoles it emulates is considered among the highest.
Rock solid stability and accurate emulation ensure a trouble-free gaming experience.
A great selection of video options and filters ensure your games will look just as good as they did back in the day - if not better.
Kega Fusion's audio emulation is considered to be the most accurate on the Genesis front and a wide range of options will easily satisfy most gamers.
Final Thoughts:
Kega Fusion is a must-try for any Sega fan. It's rare to encounter an emulator that has this much refinement and compatibility.
Emulator Info


Author: Steve Snake
Netplay Support: Yes
Gamepads Supported: 8
Homepage: Click Here
Platform: Windows / Mac OS X
Version Reviewed: 3.61

Features Supported:
- Video Rendering Filters
- Full Screen Mode - Save State
- Emulated 32X BIOS
- Game Genie / PAR
- Audio Capture
- Video Capture
- Netplay