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Gameboy Emulators
Gameboy emulators for Windows.

Editor's Choice

Editor’s Choice emulators stand out for delivering a gaming experience unrivaled by any other emulators on their platform. Emulators in this category are professionally reviewed by our staff and are the recommended starting point for most gamers.

VisualBoy Advance
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VisualBoy Advance is our Editor’s Choice award winner for the GameBoy Advance category as well as the Classic GameBoy category. For more information on this emulator, please see the Editor’s Review below.

v1.7.2 (Stable) for Windows (5/25/2004)
v1.8.0 Beta 3 for Windows (12/1/2005)

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Recommended Emulators

Recommended emulators provide good compatibility, performance and stability. Emulators in this category are suitable for gaming.

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BGB is a very light-weight and accurate GameBoy / GameBoy Color emulator. BGB also has a wide selection of graphics options for classic Game Boy emulation which allow you to define and create your own color palletes. This emulator also features link cable support.

v1.4 for Windows (5/25/2012)
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GameLad is an emulator aimed at developers. This emulator is equipped with both a debugger and a disassembler and has the ability to throttle the emulation process on the fly. It also has the ability to run multiple virtual GameBoys at once. This emulator requires Direct X 8.0 or better and has link cable support.

v1.61 for Windows (10/5/2001)
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KiGB is an advanced Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Super Gameboy emulator for Windows, DOS, and Linux. A separately maintained Mac OS X is port available as well. KiGB has a high compatibility rate, supports GameLink via Netplay and emulates a number of assorted Gameboy peripherals.

v2.05 for Windows (6/11/2008)
v2.03 for DOS (9/10/2007)
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WinBoycott has a high compatibility rate and reasonable speed. This emulator is however lacking a full-screen mode and any type of hardware acceleration. Classic GameBoy, Super GameBoy and GameBoy Color are all supported by this emulator. This is a port of the DOS-based GameBoy emulator Boycott.

v0.63b for Windows (11/22/2000)
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VisualBoy has a very high compatibility rate, performance is excellent and it supports all incarnations of the GameBoy. However, development of this emulator has been discontinued and it is now considered an integrated component of VisualBoy Advance. This emulator requires Direct X 7.0 or above.

v1.4.12 for Windows (9/16/2001) - Discontinued

Other Emulators

Emulators in this category are generally considered early in development or have not reached a level of compatibility, performance and stability that would be suitable for gaming. These emulators are considered works-in-progress.

Basic Boy
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BasicBoy is a Gameboy emulator written entirely in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. This project formerly had a Visual Basic.NET release as well, although the VB.NET variation has been discontinued. Currently the original Gameboy and Gameboy Color are both supported. BasicBoy's compatibility is fair at the moment and some instabilities still exist. BasicBoy is also lacking gamepad input support. The BasicBoy source code is also available although a license has not been specified by the author.

v2.0.3 for Windows (7/6/2004)
v2.0.3 Source (7/6/2004)
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GEST is an Open-Source GameBoy / GameBoy Color emulator written in C/C++. Most of the graphics and audio emulation is based on code from Forgotten's VisualBoy Advance. This emulator lacks many features, such as gamepad support. GEST was officially announced to be discontinued on 11/25/2004. Despite this, GEST has had several sporatic releases since then. The last source available is from version 0.85.

v1.1.1 for Windows (1/6/2011)
v0.85 Source (4/8/2004)

Gameboy Handheld

What you'll need:
To use most emulators for this platform, we recommend a computer of at least the following:
  • 500MHz Single Core Processor
  • On-Board Video
  • 256MB of RAM