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Playstation 2 Emulators
Playstation 2 emulators for Windows
Emulation of this console is currently in the early stages of development and as such, no emulators on this platform have been placed in the Editor’s Choice or Recommended categories. Emulators for this platform may vary greatly in capabilities. Some may be capable of playing many games while others may only boot the system BIOS and run homebrew demos. Emulators for this console will likely require powerful computer hardware and a lot of patience. Please read the documentation supplied with any emulator you download thoroughly.

Other Emulators

Emulators in this category are generally considered early in development or have not reached a level of compatibility, performance and stability that would be suitable for gaming. These emulators are considered works-in-progress.

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Emution is a new Playstation 2 emulator written by Jez. Due to a lack of documentation and the disappearance of Emution's home page, not much is known about this emulator. There have been a few reports of Emution running a few demos, but no retail titles as of yet. Emution does not include any plugins by default, so you'll want to head over to the Playstation 2 Plugins page to obtain plugins if you decide to try this emulator

v0.1 for Windows (6/25/2003)
Neutrino SX2
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Neutrino SX2 is an Open Source Playstation 2 emulator written by Muad with versions available for the Windows, Linux and BeOS platforms. Currently, Neutrino SX2 is one of the most advanced Playstation 2 emulators available, showing various screens from several games and also running a few emulators designed for the Playstation 2. Neutrino SX2 comes with a complete set of plugins and is in fairly active development.

v0.08.1 for Windows (6/27/2003)
v0.08.1 Source (6/27/2003)
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PCSX2 is currently the most advanced Playstation 2 emulator, capable of running many games playably. An internal compatibility list can tell you if your games will run playably and will also tell you if any settings changes or patches are needed. PCSX2 is coded by linuzappz, the current team leader for PCSX and it is available on both Linux and Windows as well as in source form. PCSX2 also "ships" with a complete set of plugins as well as an emulated Internal HLE BIOS.

Note: All files are archived in "7-Zip" format. To decompress these files, you will need to download 7-Zip.

v0.9.8 R4600 Full Installer for Windows (5/1/2011)
v0.9.8 R4600 for Windows (5/1/2011)
v0.9.8 R4600 Source (5/1/2011)

Playstation 2 Console

What you'll need:
To use most emulators for this platform, we recommend a computer of at least the following:
  • Dual or Quad Core Processor
  • High-End Dedicated Video
  • 2GB of RAM
Emulators for this platform may also require the following:
  • System BIOS