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Sega Saturn Emulators
Sega Saturn emulators for Windows
Emulation of this console is currently in the early stages of development and as such, no emulators on this platform have been placed in the Editor’s Choice or Recommended categories. Emulators for this platform may vary greatly in capabilities. Some may be capable of playing many games while others may only boot the system BIOS and run homebrew demos. Emulators for this console will likely require powerful computer hardware and a lot of patience. Please read the documentation supplied with any emulator you download thoroughly.

Other Emulators

Emulators in this category are generally considered early in development or have not reached a level of compatibility, performance and stability that would be suitable for gaming. These emulators are considered works-in-progress.

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A-Saturn is an early Sega Saturn emulator for Windows. A-Saturn is mainly only capable of CPU emulation and is primarily controlled through a command prompt. Development on A-Saturn has reached a stand-still and the emulator is not capable of loading any games.

v0.16 for Windows (8/30/2000)
GiriGiri Debugger
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GiriGiri Debugger was one of the first Saturn emulators to show any major progress. Following it’s last release, GiriGiri has become a commercial product and is no longer available outside of the Japanese market and the Debugger has since been discontinued. Most of today’s current Sega Saturn emulators have also surpassed most of GiriGiri’s compatibility.

v0.6a for Windows (3/16/2000)
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Hyperion is a Saturn Emulator for Windows. Aside from running the BIOS (and slowly at that), Hyperion is not capable of running any games. The emulator has since been discontinued and the website (formerly hosted on EmuHQ) has gone down with it’s host.

v0.3 Beta for Windows (5/5/2000)
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PC-Saturn is another early Sega Saturn emulator for Windows. PC-Saturn is mainly a debugger and at it’s final release is unable to run any games or homebrew demos. This project has since been discontinued and it’s website is no longer in existence.

v0.1.1a for Windows (7/10/2000)
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Satourne is a Sega Saturn and ST-V emulator for Windows. Satourne is currently showing a good deal of progress with the ability to run games on both of it’s emulated platforms as well as run the Saturn BIOS and CD-player at full speed. Satourne is also one of the first Sega Saturn emulators to adopt a plugin-based system of the type that’s used in many next-generation emulators. All necessary plugins are included.

v2.0 Beta 3 for Windows (8/30/2006)
v1.1P for Windows (11/7/2003)
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Saturnin is a Sega Saturn and ST-V emulator for Windows. At the moment, the current version is able to slowly load the BIOS. Internal work-in-progress builds however have shown title screens and in-game screen shots. In a short time, this emulator has made very rapid progress and is still in active development; definitely one to watch.

v0.40 for Windows (12/25/2005)
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SSF is a Japanese Sega Saturn emulator for Windows. SSF is capable of running many games playably at a reasonable speed. The SSF website and documentation is currently only available in Japanese.

v0.12 Beta R3 for Windows (12/26/2011)
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Yabause is a multi-platform Sega Saturn emulator for Windows, *nix OSes, OS X, Dreamcast and the Nintendo Wii. It is capable of running many games playably. A compatibility list can be found on the Yabause website. Yabause's source code is available under the GNU GPL.

v0.9.11 for Windows (11/27/2011)
v0.9.11.1 Source (12/2/2011)

Sega Saturn Console

What you'll need:
To use most emulators for this platform, we recommend a computer of at least the following:
  • Dual or Quad Core Processor
  • High-End Dedicated Video
  • 2GB of RAM
Emulators for this platform may also require the following:
  • System BIOS