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Sega Dreamcast Emulators
Sega Dreamcast emulators for Windows.
Emulation of this console is currently in the early stages of development and as such, no emulators on this platform have been placed in the Editor’s Choice or Recommended categories. Emulators for this platform may vary greatly in capabilities. Some may be capable of playing many games while others may only boot the system BIOS and run homebrew demos. Emulators for this console will likely require powerful computer hardware and a lot of patience. Please read the documentation supplied with any emulator you download thoroughly.

Other Emulators

Emulators in this category are generally considered early in development or have not reached a level of compatibility, performance and stability that would be suitable for gaming. These emulators are considered works-in-progress.

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Chankast is the first Dreamcast emulator released to run any games playably. Chankast is capable of running many titles at a decent speed on a 2Ghz system or above. Currently, Chankast is still in alpha stages, so many titles will contain graphical glitches or may not run at all. Due to limitations on reading the GD-ROM format, Chankast is only able to run from backup discs and homemade binaries.

v0.25 Alpha for Windows (7/7/2004)
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DEmul is the second Dreamcast emulator to show any major progress in playability. DEmul's compatibility list states that it currently runs over 100 commercial titles playably. As with any next-generation emulator, the CPU and video card requirements for a computer to run it effectively will be high.

v0.57 WIP for Windows 32-bit (2/28/2012)
v0.5.5 WIP for Windows 64-bit (10/9/2009)
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DreamEMU is a Dreamcast emulator for Windows written by Lord Cheese. So far it can only show the Sega title screen and run a few demos relatively slowly.

v0.04.1 for Windows (5/12/2003)
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Dreamer is a spanish Dreamcast emulator for Windows. From the Dreamer site, they claim to be one of the first Dreamcast emulators to show screens from a game. Aside from showing a few screens from Namco Museum, this emulator pretty much only plays demos at the moment.

v0.02b for Windows (1/6/2001)
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nullDC is a Dreamcast and Naomi emulator for Windows. nullDC is capable of running several titles and is still under active development. NullDC is distributed in two separate versions for both Dreamcast emulation as well as Naomi emulation.

v1.0.4 R136 (Dreamcast) for Windows (8/21/2011)
v1.0.4 R136 (Naomi) for Windows (8/21/2011)

Sega Dreamcast Console

What you'll need:
To use most emulators for this platform, we recommend a computer of at least the following:
  • Dual or Quad Core Processor
  • High-End Dedicated Video
  • 2GB of RAM
Emulators for this platform may also require the following:
  • System BIOS