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Turbo Grafx 16 Emulators
Turbo Grafx 16 emulators for Windows.

Editor's Choice

Editor’s Choice emulators stand out for delivering a gaming experience unrivaled by any other emulators on their platform. Emulators in this category are professionally reviewed by our staff and are the recommended starting point for most gamers.

Magic Engine
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Magic Engine is our Editor’s Choice emulator for the Turbo Grafx 16 category. Magic Engine sports the highest compatibility among all of the TG16 emulators, the highest speed, the most features and the best support for Turbo-Duo titles. The downside, you ask? Well, Magic Engine isn’t free. The registration fee is $16 and the unregistered trial is limited to 5 minutes per session.

v1.1.3 for Windows (5/26/2008)

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Recommended Emulators

Recommended emulators provide good compatibility, performance and stability. Emulators in this category are suitable for gaming.

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Hu6280 is a Turbo Grafx 16 emulator available for Windows and DOS. Both versions have a fair amount of compatibility as well as features. Currently, the DOS variant of Hu6280 is more full-featured than it’s Windows counterpart with the ability to add far more command line arguments for more precise control over audio and video aspects of the emulator. Neither variant includes a GUI and are both entirely controlled via the command line and shortcut keys, with the exception of a file loader on the Windows version.

v1.89 Beta 13 for Windows (5/12/1999)
v1.89 Beta for DOS (1/23/1999)
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Hu-Go is an Open-Source Turbo Grafx 16 emulator from Zeograd. Hu-Go is based on the Japanese TG16 emulator, “FPCE”. Hu-Go’s compatibility is comparable to most of the better TG16 emulators in existence and like many of the others it is primarily command-line driven. Hu-Go includes a simplistic GUI which can be used to launch games, edit minor settings and perform basic functions. Most of the more powerful settings are stored within the INI files and can only be edited directly.

v2.12 for Windows (4/9/2005)
v2.12 Source (4/9/2005)
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Ootake is a Japanese Turbo Grafx 16 emulator for Windows. It features a high compatibility rate and supports both CD-ROM and HuCard games. Full documentation is included in both English and Japanese.

v2.65 for Windows (Also Includes Source Code) (3/4/2012)
Engine 16
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Turbo Engine is a PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16, SuperGrafx and CDROM2 / Super CDROM2 emulator for Windows. Turbo Engine 16 was developed with an emphasis on accuracy. The system requirements for Turbo Engine 16 are a bit steeper than some of the other emulators. The author recommends a minimum of a 2.2GHz Pentium 4. Turbo Engine shares the same plugin system as the Genesis emulator Kega Fusion so it can use any Kega Fusion compatible video plugins. Language translations can be found on the author's website.

v0.32 for Windows (4/17/2010)

Turbo Grafx 16 Console

What you'll need:
To use most emulators for this platform, we recommend a computer of at least the following:
  • 1GHz Single Core Processor
  • On-Board or Entry Level Dedicated Video
  • 512MB of RAM
Emulators for this platform may also require the following:
  • System BIOS