VTemulation.net is no longer actively maintained, please see the announcement for more information.

Hosting Services
Host your project on VTemulation.net

At VTemulation.net we aim to contribute back to the emulation community and one way we do this is by offering free quality hosting to non-profit emulator developers. We understand that most free options available to developers are either overbearing with advertisements or require specific licenses to be placed on their projects and that to many developers this is not acceptable. All we ask in exchange for our hosting service is that a small 180x50 pixel “Hosted by VTemulation.net” image which can be customized to fit the design of any site be placed at the bottom of each page.

Hosting Features: Network Benefits: Our requirements for hosting require that the project in question have at least one binary release at the time of application. We allow for any non-profit licensing model (both open and closed-source licenses) to be used on the projects that we host. The only exception to this is commercial emulators which are sold for profit. We are still able to offer hosting commercial projects, however we do require a small monthly fee depending on the size of the project and other factors that are taken into consideration. The last requirement for hosting is that a small 180x50 “Hosted by VTemulation.net” button be placed at the bottom of each page on the site.

All content hosted on our accounts must be consistent with the integrity held by VTemulation.net. Below is a summary of content that is not permitted on our accounts.

Unacceptable Content and Uses: Any projects that violate our acceptable use policy will be promptly removed without warning.

With all of that said, we look forward to welcoming new projects to the network and if you have any questions or would be interested in hosting, please contact Vincent T. Vantine.