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Playstation Plugins
Playstation plugins supporting the PSEmu Pro standard

Video Plugins

This is one of the most frequently changed plugins in just about all emulators. Most emulators are only packed with "Soft GPUs" or no video plugin at all. For this plugin, it's recommended that you simply download the plugin recommended for your card, or trying a Soft GPU if you're experiencing problems.

Lewpy's 3DFX Glide GPU
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This is the best 3DFX GPU plugin available. It's specifically designed for 3DFX-based cards such as the Voodoo line and the Banshee. This GPU is not compatible with any other video cards due to the differences in architecture.
For use with: 3DFX Voodoo and 3DFX Banshee

v1.42 (12/21/2003)
Soft GPU
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This is an Open-Source GPU plugin developed by Pete. The Soft GPU is designed for users who are lacking a video card with any form of 3D acceleration or can't use acceleration for other reasons. This plugin will not offer the best performance, but it will at bare-minimum allow users without 3D accelerators to run their emulators with a very compatible plugin.
For use with: Users with older video cards and/or cards lacking 3D acceleration.

v1.18 (5/24/2008)

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This is another plugin developed by Pete. It's almost identical to the OpenGL plugin contained within the "Pete's GPUs" package, but it has been optimized to work with more modern video cards and offer better performance. In addition to a powerful card, you'll need a system with about a 2GHz or equivalent processor and 256MBs of RAM or higher to fully make use of this plugin.
For use with: ATi Radeon 9XXX and Nvidia GeForce4 with 128MB of VRAM or above.

v2.9 (5/24/2008)
Pete's GPUs Package
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This package is a set of Pete's most common GPUs. This set includes a Direct3D plugin, a Direct X plugin and an OpenGL plugin. These plugins are considered by most to be the most compatible accelerated GPU plugins available for Playstation emulators.
For use with: Most 3D Accelerators supporting DirectX and/or OpenGL

v1.77 for Windows (5/24/2008)

Audio Plugins:

Audio Plugins (or SPUs) are another frequently changed plugin. These plugins are not dependant on any particular hardware, simply overall system power. These plugins are simply a matter of preference, and on that note, most users find the Eternal SPU to be one of the most well-developed and compatible plugins.

Eternal SPU
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Eternal's SPU is by far one of the most compatible Playstation SPUs available. This package includes both Eternal's SPU for Windows as well as Eternal's SPU for Linux. Eternal's SPU is also capable of multiple methods of audio output. We would recommend using Eternal's SPU as a primary audio plugin and using P.E.Op.S. SPU if you experience any sound issues (and vice-versa as well).

v1.41 (5/31/2003)
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P.E.Op.S. is an Open-Source SPU developed by Pete. This is a further-developed version of Pete's DSound SPU. As with Eternal's SPU, both a Linux plugin as well as a Windows plugin is included in this package. This is also a very compatible SPU that would definitely suffice as a primary SPU.
v1.9 (9/19/2004)

CD-ROM Plugins:

CD-ROM plugins allow your emulator to perform two functions; to interface with a CD-ROM drive in your computer and to emulate the Playstation CD-ROM during this process. Generally, it's recommended that you convert any games you wish to play to ISOs and run them from your hard drive to avoid unnecessary lag times and to avoid CD-ROM complications. Even if you are only loading ISOs, you'll still need a CD-ROM plugin in most emulators.

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CDRMooby is a PSX CD-ROM plugin used to read raw CD images, otherwise known as ISOs.This plugin cannot utilize CD-ROM drives, but when used for ISO images, it's one of the most compatible plugins available.

v2.8 (8/25/2003)
P.E.Op.S. CDR Emulation
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Unlike Mooby's plugin, the P.E.Op.S. CDR plugin is capable of utilizing both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives and reading game CDs directly from them. If you don't want to convert your games to ISOs, this would be the ideal plugin to use if no default plugin or an inadequate plugin is provided with your emulator. For Windows 2000 and XP users, this plugin has no particular requirements; however, for Windows 9x and ME users, an ASPI layer is needed.

v1.04 (6/9/2003)